Eid al adha wishes in english

Eid al adha wishes in english
Eid al adha wishes in english 

Eid al adha wishes in english 

Are you looking for the latest wishes of eid al adha in English..If yes! Then you are in the right post. In this post, you can find the latest greetings of eid al adha.

You can send these eid messages to your friends and family. You can easily express your feelings by sending these latest eid messages / greetings to your loved ones. You can also use these messages on Eid Mubarak for Facebook. You can set these latest eid Mubarak messages as Facebook status or whatsapp this Eid al adha.

Each person always has someone to love, care for and protect. People can find Eid Mubarak's latest wishes in the English collection here to spread love all over the world. You can also find the eid greeting text here

These happy moments can change your whole life. You can enjoy this eid happily with your loved ones without any hesitation. Now, everyone can share his thoughts and feelings through these Eid greetings in Islam. Islam allows us to share happiness with others. Hence, we should spread our happiness to others as well.

It is a very special occasion for Muslims. They celebrate it every year. You can improve your ability to share feelings with others, you can use these last eid al adha greetings to share feelings with others. that's all for now. Let's Rock.

Eid-al-adha wishes in english

So, let's take a look at the last wishes of eid al adha in English

May the day delight⠀

and the moments measure all the special joys⠀

for all of you to treasure.⠀

May the year ahead⠀

be fruitful too,⠀

for your home and family⠀

and specially for you.⠀


On Eid ul adha..⠀

may Allah bless you⠀

with prosperity & success⠀

and you achieve every good goal in life.⠀

Eid Mubarak⠀

May Allah shower⠀

countless blessing⠀

upon You and Your Family.⠀

Keep me in your prayers.⠀

Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak⠀

On this auspicious occasion of Eid..⠀

May you blessed with joy, peace, and happiness.⠀

Eid Mubarak⠀

May Allah give you strength to be⠀

always willing to sacrifice and submit⠀

to His wish and command at all times.⠀

Happy Eid ul adha⠀

May Allahs rahmat shine on us and help us⠀

discover newer opportunities for growth and success.⠀

Wishing you a blessed Eid-ul-Adha!⠀

Lonesome without you,⠀

Each and every moments.⠀

When I am alone⠀

I close my eyes and think of you⠀

N thoughts of your love warms⠀

Me inside and makes me smile.⠀

miss you a lot. eid mubarak.⠀

May Allah bless you with happiness and open newer avenues for you to succeed on Eid-ul-Adha and always.⠀

Eid Mubarak!⠀

Eid ul Azha reminds us a great sacrifice,Which encourages us to follow Allah's order.⠀

May HE gives us strength to walk on right path,⠀

And fills our heart with sympathy so we can help⠀

the needy and poor people.⠀Eid Mubarak!

Hope that Allah bestows his choicest blessings on us,⠀

and our association grows stronger every year.⠀

Wishing you joy and prosperity on Eid-ul-Adha!⠀

On Eid Ul Adha⠀

May all your sacrifices are accepted by ALLAH⠀

& you are showered upon by his love & blessings⠀

Eid Mubarak⠀

Bakra Eid Mubarak May Ur Plate Of Life Be Always⠀

Full Of Juicy Kebabs & Tikkas,⠀

Topped With The Chutney Of Happiness With Best Wishes⠀

May the auspicious occasion of Eid,⠀

bless you with peace and bring joy to your heart and home.⠀

Eid Mubarak!⠀

I Wish People Would Stop Complaining⠀

For Once And Realize⠀

How Blessed They Really Are...⠀

Happy Eid⠀

Eid-ul-Adha is an Eid of sacrifice;⠀

And commitment of Allahs orders.⠀

May Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life!⠀

Eid Mubarak!⠀

Heartfelt wishes on the Festival of Sacrifice!⠀

Happy Eid ul-Adha!⠀

Hoping Sincerely⠀

that This Eid Day Brings⠀

Warm,Happy Hours &⠀

Bright, Happy Things...⠀

Light Hearted Moments Of⠀

Friendship & Fun⠀

to Help Make Your Eid⠀

A Wonderful One.⠀

It iZ neither their Blood⠀

nor their Meat that reaches ALLAH,⠀

But it is PIETY from YOU that Reaches HIM⠀

EID-UL-AZHA Mubarak to ALL the MUSLIMS =)⠀

Do you know what is the meaning of EID ?⠀

Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words⠀

E = Embrace with open heart⠀

I = Inspire with impressive attitude⠀

D = Distribute pleasure to all⠀

Eid Ul Adha Mubarak⠀

As you offer your sacrifices,⠀

I wish that Allah showers his divine⠀

blessings and fulfills all your dreams⠀

on Eid-ul-Adha and always.⠀

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak!⠀

Be Happy In Your Whole Life Eid Mubarak⠀

May Allah bless you and Your Dear Ones⠀

With Peace, Prosperity⠀

And Happiness On The Auspicious⠀

Occasion Of Eid-ul-Fitar⠀

Eid Mubarak⠀

Eid Mubarak.. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid.⠀

May the noor of this EID illuminate your heart,⠀

mind, soul and may all your prayers be answered.⠀

Eid Mubarak⠀

May Allah shower countless blessing upon you and your family.⠀

Eid Mubarak⠀

May ur plate of life⠀

be always full of juicy kababs⠀

& tikkas, topped with the chutney of happiness.⠀

With best wishes:-)⠀

Some wrds can be left unsaid,⠀

Some feeling can be left unexpressed,⠀

But person like u can⠀

never be forgotten on this day⠀


On Eid-ul-Adha, wishing that Allah be your guide and show you the right path in everything you do.⠀

Eid Mubarak!⠀

No shadows to depress you,⠀

Only joys to surround you,⠀

God himself to bless you,⠀

these are my wishes for you,⠀

today, tomorrow,& every day.⠀

Eid Mubarik.⠀

Hope that you are guided by your faith in the almighty and shine in his divine blessings.⠀

Wishing you a happy Eid-ul-Adha!⠀

Some words can be left unsaid,⠀

Some feeling can be left unexpressed,⠀

But a person like you can never⠀

be forgotten on this day⠀

Eid Mubarak !!!⠀

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