Happy 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife or husband | First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Happy 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife or husband
Happy 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife or husband

Happy 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife or husband: Celebrate your first Anniversary by sharing 1st anniversary wishes on your husband or wife's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp with sweet text greetings. Don't just say I love you after you wake up in the morning. Write a heartfelt message on a handmade card and sneak it into her pocket. You will get the simplest surprise when you put your hands inside. She/He won't realize this right away, but she/he will miss these early years of her/him marriage once the responsibilities of the children and the mortgage fall on her/his shoulders. Enjoy each and every moment of this special occasion. Confirm that this historic celebration becomes a beautiful memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

First Wedding anniversaries are special occasions for every couple.They are the reminders of the greatest days of their lives.Regardless of whether you are together for a year or 25 years, your anniversary is a special celebration. There are a few ways you will celebrate the togetherness, love, and bond you just shared. And one of the easiest ways to pin down your love is...Anniversary wishes. it's the easiest way to remind your husband/Wife of what he means to you. It is not always necessary to buy a fancy gift for your husband/wife, sometimes anniversary dates for husbands/Wifes can work wonders.But we have some Gift Ideas that will help you to choose a perfect first anniversary Gift for your Wife/Husband...Just scroll down to the bottom of the blog.

You can make your day unique and memorable with attractive anniversary wishes. Whether you are trying to find a joyous note to make your husband/Wife smile or a message that includes a stern testimonial to your relationship, these anniversary quotes for your husband or wife are a great thank you to celebrate and talk to all of your heart.

First wedding anniversary wishes fro Wife/Husband | First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sweetness of your love 

And emotions are also new

Your love is as pure 

As that first morning dew 

Stay in love 

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

On year is enough for you to understand the depth of your love

That you and your spouse share 

Have a wonderful time 

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

One full year of happiness, bliss and love 

Surely it must have been great for you 

Wish you many more to come

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

Your love is still innocent 

Your hearts are still one 

Stay blessed in the years to come 

Because the fun has just begun

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

Hope both of you had a rocking one year 

Full of love, happiness and smiles

Wish you many more years of togetherness 

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

First anniversary is truly special 

Because it's the fist year of celebrating togetherness

And first year of celebrating eternal love

Stay blessed

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

You both seem to be young, 

But your love has truly matured with one passing year 

Stay in love and in bliss 

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

Happy first anniversary to both of you 

Always stay in love and in bliss 

Stay happy together forever in life 

Wish you Happy first anniversary!

You have had the most amazing ride 

It's the first year of a wonderful being 

One year of complete togetherness 

One year of ways to seeing 

Stay blessed and always stay in love 

Wish you many more great years to come 

Enjoy your special day 

As it's the first anniversary today!

So innocent is your love 

So innocent both of you look together 

I wish that you stay this way forever 

Always in the shelter of love and understanding 

For many years to come in life 

On your first anniversary guys 

Wish you both a wonderful life 

Ahead of time 

Happy first anniversary to both of you!

First year of marriage is just a trailer 

Of the picture that is remaining in life 

A picture of laughter and ties 

Happiness and never ending vice 

Stay blessed you both is my wish today 

Wishing you a happy first anniversary day,

May you have a lovely day!

Celebrate this day with your love 

Celebrate this day with your grace 

You know that you have a part 

Along with you which stays 

Celebrate this day with longing 

For it's a blissful time for you 

Wishing a happy First Anniversary 

Stay blessed and in love too!

It's been one year, and you people 

Look the same so in love since 

The time you got married, 

Anyone who looks at you has only 

One word, Aww! They are made for 

Each other, 

Stay this way in love forever 

For true love stays true all the way 

Happy first Anniversary to both 

Have a lovely day!

So happy that you guys have completed 

One blissful year of togetherness 

So happy to see you guys so much in love 

From my side to you, I wish you all along 

That your bond always stay strong 

Happiest First Anniversary to you both 

Stay in love and stay blessed!

I fell in love with your voice 

I fell in love with your eyes 

I fell in love with your nature

I love it the way you are wise 

I fell in love with your heart 

In this one year of togetherness my love

You have become my special part 

I love you so much 

Happy First Anniversary to you!

I know that I love you so much 

As special as your pleasant touch 

One year of happiness and one year

Of being with you in life 

Has given me a reason to be happy 

You are my only reason to smile 

I want to tell you today 

That I love you all the way 

Happy First Anniversary to you!

 Here are some Gift Ideas for First Anniversary that you can gift to your Wife/Husband


  • Love Letter In A Bottle, voted Oprah's Most Romantic Gift.
  • Anniversary roses with the aid of using 12 months crafted from conventional anniversary year material, plus one-of-a-type roses for any anniversary year. An specially romantic present for her spouse or a fantastic anniversary tribute to her parents.
  • Romantic Message Roses
  • Anniversary roses
  • Wedding roses and proposal
  • The simplest manner to shop: Romantic Gifts for Her presentations the maximum famous items she can be able to love, all on one page.
  • Whimsical Gifts for Her: Sassy and candy items for her spouse or girlfriend.
  • Inexpensive Diamond Pendants, 14K Gold Heart Pendants, Sterling Silver Pendants, Romantic Heart Lockets, Murano Glass Pendants.
  • Personalized Romantic Gifts: Sweet and easy romantic present thoughts to customize together along with her name, anniversary date, or maybe a love letter.
  • Handmade Jewelry & Keepsake Boxes: Unique memento containers to provide a unique present or to fill with love notes. See additionally our craft containers with animal themes.
  • Collectible Music Boxes - From Thomas Kinkade, Lena Liu, Charles Wysocki, and different collectible artists.


  • iPhone gadget and accessories such as fisheye lens for iphone. wide angle lens for iphone and telephoto lens for iphone and iPad.
  • A Sports car
  • A lap top computer or an Apple iPad
  • A Digital Single-Lens Reflex ( DSLR ) Camera
  • A GPS unit.
  • A BBQ grill.
  • An old school Vinyl record player
  • Remote control helicopter or airplane
  • PS3 or Wii
  • Large Screen LCD or Plasma TV
  • A new iPhone or Android Phone
  • A set of new golf club
  • An overnight stay at a nice hotel or B&B

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